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Tamra Casper, ANP

Tamra Casper, ANP

Post: Nurse Practitioner

Experience: Over 20 years experience

Qualification: Adult Nurse Practitioner

From the ripe old age of 6, Tamra knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up. Following the example of a her friend’s mother, who was a St. Louis surgical nurse, Tamra scrimped and saved, and hustled her way through nursing school. A dynamic combination of personality and work ethic, Tamra Casper is beloved by all who know her.

Her patients know that her loyalty and devotion to their continued care is matched only by her expertise. This makes Tamra one of the most highly regarded Nurse Practitioners in and beyond Metro Atlanta.

Focusing primarily on treating patients at our Stockbridge location, Tamra is dedicated to the primary prevention of disease and management of chronic disease. Her goal is to prevent further compromises in the quality of her patient’s health, and to improve her patient’s quality of life. She is also one of the featured diabetic educators at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists, and loves teaching her patients about the many ways they can improve their quality of life by utlizing all types of health management. Her kindness, compassion, and ability to figuratively meet her patients where they are in their current lifestyle situation makes her a wonderful asset to the Southeastern Primary family.

When she’s not actively with her patients at Southeastern Primary, Tamra enjoys being with her family. Whether they are going to the beach, doing yardwork, gardening, reading, or just relaxing together, Tamra and her family enjoy every minute of quality time they get with each other. Tamra, ever the giver, also enjoys working with Shining Light Ministries, helping women overcome addictions. Come experience the difference at Southeastern Primary, and see for yourself how Tamra Casper is not only helping to save lives, but helping to change them forever.