ABI (Ankle-Brachial Index)

Green blood pressure cuff

The ability of blood to flow throughout the body is a critical element to heart health. You probably know about how bad cholesterol can clog your arteries, making it harder for blood to flow through. Problems with blood flow can be the central cause of tingling, numbness, or muscle cramps, as well as more serious consequences like Heart Attacks or Strokes. If you are getting poor blood flow, but have not been able to diagnose the exact reasons why, your Primary Care Physician could recommend an ABI, or an Ankle Brachial Index test. At Southeastern Primary Care Specialists, we offer ABI testing on-site.

The test is a painless procedure, but very informative. It compares the blood pressures in your feet, or more specifically, your ankle areas, to the blood pressure readings in your arms. If the numbers are drastically different in your ankles than in your arms, then you may need treatment. Some facilities will also have their patients walk on a treadmill, taking the blood pressure readings in the two locations, after they have taken the sedentary measurements. This type of testing can also let your doctor know if you are a candidate for Peripheral Arterial Disease, or PAD. If you do have PAD, you can be at an even higher risk for heart attack or stroke than simply having unsatisfactory ABI numbers.

If you have poor circulation, ask your Primary Care Physician about Blood Supply Testing. No one that has ever suffered through a Heart Attack or Stroke has ever wished they had done less to prevent those awful things from happening. Don’t jeopardize your health any further. Ask your doctor about Ankle-Brachial Index testing. If you don’t already have a Primary Care Physician, the medical professionals at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists are ready and waiting to help you with any and all avenues of heart attack or stroke prevention. Contact us today, and get on the right path to wellness!