Bone Density Test

Scanner Machine

Utilizing our on-site DEXA technology, Southeastern Primary Care Specialists offers you the most effective, safest, simplest, and most painless of all Bone Density Testing methods. DEXA, or Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry testing, can be done in roughly thirty minutes or less, making it one of the more time-savvy methods of performing a bone density scan. The machine, an ultra-low dose rays, typically performs scans on the lumbar spine and the hips, but can be utilized to scan any section of the body that your doctor desires to perform a bone density test on.

Osteoporosis is commonly linked to problems with bone density, and rightfully so. Osteoporosis is literally translated as “porous bone.” While it is often a disease that affects Asian and Caucasian women over 50 years of age, osteoporosis can affect any gender, or race, or age. People typically can build bone density until they are roughly 30 years old. After that, and as people continue to age, bone density will slowly decrease. It makes sense that if someone had more density in their bones to start with, then they would have a bigger supply to deteriorate from, and a healthy bone density might last well into an older age. But not everyone is that lucky. People with thin, frail bone structures in their young adult life are prime candidates for bone density loss. Other factors like heredity, previously broken bones, and bad habits, like smoking, can also expedite bone density loss

The first sign that someone needs a Bone Density Test is all too often a broken bone. People would benefit from studying methods of building bone density, like increasing Vitamins D and K, or participating in weight bearing exercise. However, most people don’t think about bone density until they are well past the peak age (30) for building it. Don’t wait on a broken arm, or compressing spinal column, or a fractured hip to force you into a bone density scan. Prevention is paramount! At Southeastern Primary Care Specialists, we can help you with both sides of the equation. No preparation is taken too lightly, and no cause is considered too lost. We can help you with all of your bone density health quandaries. But we can’t help you until you come see us. Call us for a consultation today, and be one step closer to being happy and healthy!

If you have already scheduled a test, remember these guidelines:

  • Wear loose-fitting pants (sweatpants or elastic-waisted pants), and a T-shirt. Shoes will be removed.
  • No jewelry, hearing aids, belt buckles, zippers, snaps, or buttons.
  • Females should wear a sports bra. Undergarments with under wires will need to be removed.
  • You can eat to your normal schedule, before or after the exam.
  • Results are typically processed within 10 days.