Corporate Wellness

Nurse taking blood pressure

Executive Wellness Programs are revolutionizing the way that businesses think about the health and healthcare of their employees. Often disenfranchised with high level insurance plans and premiums, many corporations are seeking refuge, and finding reward, in Corporate Wellness Programs.

Many businesses cannot afford the highest levels of health insurance, or they have concluded that the cost-ineffectiveness of their health plans, combined with the sometimes difficult processes or high deductibles for their employees. But undeniable research suggests that many of the key components that businesses pine for during the tenure of their employees is directly tied to the Health and Wellness of said personnel.

Healthy employees equal happy employees. Happy employees equal productive employees. Productive employees produce synergistic workplaces. Synergistic workplaces produce substantial increases in the bottom line. And substantial increases in the bottom equal happy business owners! And many business owners have found that Executive Wellness Programs bring more consistent and concise avenues to achieving those lofty workplace goals.

At Southeastern Primary Care Specialists, we are always willing to speak with you, and potentially customize how we administrate our Corporate Wellness Program to meet the particular needs and desires of your business, and your valued employees. From Executive Physicals, to an exclusive waiting room that bypasses the traditional waiting room experience, to custom dietary and lifestyle training for group or individual settings, the possibilities are endless.

Giant hospitals can be too rigid to really administrate an effective, customized Executive Wellness Program for your business. And smaller doctor facilities simply do not have the equipment, space, or personnel to properly fulfill your corporate wellness desires. But Southeastern Primary Care Specialists is perfectly nestled in the middle of those other scenarios. We have just the right amount of means, with the ability for flexibility, to meet and exceed all your Executive Wellness goals. Come dream with us! We can work together to revolutionize the standards of workplace health and wellness.