Joann Talley

Joanne Talley, CDE, RD, LD

Post: Dietitian

Experience: Over 30 years experience

Qualification: Licensed Dietitian

“You are what you eat!” How many times have you heard that phrase? Well, simply because a quote is repeated hundreds or thousands of times does not necessarily make it true. And in the same respect, countless repeats of a phrase does not debunk the truths that might exist therein. The truth, perhaps, lies more in the interpretation of a widely-used quote than in a mere word for word definition. Defining the correct foods for your dietary intake can be a cumbersome and frustrating task. Wouldn’t it be nice if a medical facility offered a full-time specialist with education, training, and experience in the realm of proper nutrition?

Wouldn’t it be even greater if that nutritionist was nurturing and caring, as well as brilliant and practical? Well look no further than Southeastern Primary Care Specialists, and their regionally-acclaimed Registered, Licensed Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator, Joanne Talley.

Joanne Talley, RD, LD, CDE, joined Southeastern Primary Care Specialists in 1998. Originally from Coral Gables, Florida, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from Florida State University, and promptly began her nutritional career at the Tampa and Bay Pines V.A. Hospitals. With experience in endocrinology and diabetes education, Joanne brought a plethora of talents and expertise in several areas to Southeastern Primary. She was very instrumental in establishing the Diabetes Management Program at SEPCS, which was awarded official recognition by the American Diabetes Association in 2002.

The initial myth when people are pondering the utilization of a Registered Dietitian is that they are only utilized for someone who has a lot of weight to lose. While this is one of the scenarios in which a Licensed Dietitian would be a helpful asset, there are many more. For instance:

  • Someone with digestive problems
  • Someone pregnant, or trying to become pregnant
  • Someone looking to lose or gain weight
  • Someone with cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular problems, or high blood pressure
  • Someone with Diabetes, or someone who is Pre-Diabetic
  • Someone thinking of having Gastric Bypass Surgery, or someone who has already had it
  • Someone looking to maintain health as an older adult
  • Someone with specific internal disease or looking to prevent health-related problems
  • Someone who simply wants to eat smarter and maximize their Health and Wellness