EKG (electrocardiogram)

EKG machine

So what is the difference between an EKG and an ECG test? The answer is: nothing! Well, there is one slight difference. The abbreviation for EKG and ECG both come from the word “Electrocardiogram,” which one would think translates to ECG. But the German translation is spelled slightly differently. It’s spelled, “Elektro-kardiographie.” And because the German innovations were considered to be ahead of the other innovations in Electrocardiogram technology, most of the machines purchased had the letters “EKG” on them. And the tradition stayed around. Regardless of what you call it, how you choose to spell it, or where it came from, Electrocardiogram testing has been helping doctors gain insight on their patient’s heart health for well over 100 years.

While EKG technology continues to improve and modify its life-saving, data-gathering techniques, your Primary Care Physician at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists knows just how to use the technology to benefit you and your health. Your EKG test will act as a biosensor, painlessly measuring your heart rate and heart rate variability. The results of this test can offer insight into issues like stress, fatigue, dizziness, chest pains, or any other heart-related symptoms that you might be experiencing. Even though an EKG tech, or EKG technician, may be able to successfully administrate your EKG test, wouldn’t you rather have highly-trained medical professionals to offer your EKG interpretation?

To an untrained eye, EKG results might look like the scribblings of a child, or the pulses of an earthquake. But there is no such thing as an untrained eye at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists. All of our Primary Care Physicians are highly trained in all aspects of internal medicine, especially EKG Interpretation. They know just how to read your results, and just how to adjust the medical or lifestyle changes in your life to improve those results. Don’t leave your health to chance in the hands of an untrained professional! Contact Southeastern Primary Care Specialists today, and put yourself back on the right path to a Healthy Heart and a Happy Life! We can’t wait to meet you!