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Roger Carr, M.D.

Dr. Roger Carr, M.D.

Post: Doctor

Experience: Over 20 years experience

Qualification: Certified Internist

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Dr. Roger Carr, M.D. is a board certified Primary Care Physician who represents the standard that a Georgia Internist should be compared to. After receiving his Biochemistry/Premed degree from McGill University in Montreal, Dr. Carr completed his Doctor of Medicine degree from Howard University in Washington, D.C.

He then finished his Internal Medicine Internship and Residency at New York University Medical Center in New York City. A former member of the American College of Physicians, Dr. Carr enjoys serving on the Medical Executive Committee at Southern Regional Medical Center.

He is certified in Osteoporosis Diagnosis and Bone Density Management and Evaluation, and takes a special interest in Osteoporosis testing and prevention.

If you talk with Dr. Carr very long, you will likely come across the subject of Lifestyle Health. In his examination room, regarding whatever present illness is plaguing his patients, the conversation often comes around to issues with activity levels and nutrition. By his own admission, Dr. Carr is what he would call a bit of a “junk food addict.” He has to constantly curb his addictions, not so much that he retaliates against his own discipline, but enough to keep the junk food in balance with healthier dietary choices. And the moderation with food choices must be combined with an enthusiasm towards exercise. This is something that Dr. Carr is passionate about for himself, for his patients, and for his family. He loves seeing this love for movement continue in his daughters, who are involved in swimming, running, and cross-country racing, among other activities. Dr. Carr said his primary motivating goal right now is “keeping my youngest daughter from passing me while we’r e running together!” The struggle is real, but so is Dr. Carr’s commitment to lifestyle excellence.

Dr. Roger Carr often proposes this pondering to his patients: “What is the real cost of eating healthy? You’re going to pay for it either on the forefront of the situation, or you’re going to pay for it (on the backend) with poor health, with diabetes, (high) blood pressure, and bone and joint deterioration.” He then adds, “Philosophically, when patients come in, I don’t want to come across as their father or their mother, I want to be their consultant. It’s not up to me to manage your care. It’s up to me to give you the best tools and advice, then leave the rest of the process up to you. It’s a partnership. I do my part. I interpret the information we can get from your exam. We make a plan together. But it’s up to the patient to implement it or not.”

A husband and father of two lovely girls, Dr. Carr is fluent in French, as many Canadians are. A pretty avid Cyclist, Triathlete, and Iron Man participated, he has partaken in races from California to France. He enjoys literature and sports. He and his family enjoy traveling, gardening and spending quality time together, either being active, or simply enjoying each other’s company.