Holter Monitor

Doctor at a computer

If you have had heart problems, or have had a heart attack, your doctor may want to engage you with some form of heart monitoring system. There are several kinds of heart monitors, but most of them are utilized by having a patient lie on their back in a hospital room. A Holter Monitor, however, is a device that functions as a heart monitor over a 24-48 hour period. It also serves as a kind of portable EKG tape recorder.

Your Holter Heart Monitor can provide immeasurable value to your primary care physician’s diagnosis of your heart activity over a 24-48 hour period, while you’re conducting a normal day. Does physical stress add to an over-accelerated heart rate? Does eating cause your blood pressure to skyrocket, or plummet? Do you have irregular heart rhythms while you are sleeping? Do you have palpitations for no apparent reason? Are heart problems causing your lightheadedness, migraines, or even blackouts? Is there any viable reason for your heart flutters? What about the fainting episodes you have been encountering? Is that due to an undiagnosed slower heart rate?

It can be impossible for a doctor to fully know what happens to your heart inside the normal functions of your daily routine, if you are meeting outside the boundaries of your daily routine. A Holter Monitor can eliminate those quandaries, and provide both you and your Primary Care Physician with boundless insight into the inner workings of your heart. The monitor is non-intrusive, and painless. The most discomfort you have even the remotest chance of feeling is that of shaving your chest before the monitor is attached, or of going to sleep with the monitor still on your chest.

But most patients would agree that a temporary adjustment, for one to two days, is well worth the vast knowledge that you and your doctor can get from utilizing a Holter Monitor. Ask your medical professionals today about Heart Monitoring, utilizing the Holter Monitor system, and be one step closer to improving and maintaining your heart health!