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William Osborne, Jr., M.D.

Dr. William R. Osborne, Jr., MD

Post: Doctor

Experience: Over 30 years experience

Qualification: Certfied Internist

Finding an internist doctor to treat your present illness is not a difficult task in Metro Atlanta. In fact, most physicians are happy to oblige you with a temporary fix, or a prescription, or a quick solution that will make you feel better. At least it will make you feel better for that particular span of time. But many doctors are more than willing to be content with temporary fixes to your medical situation. And why not? Repeat customers are good business.

What kind of primary care physician would want to do more than just temporarily treat an illness? Who would want to help his patients find the root of their ailments, and help them mend from deep inside the source? Well, that answer is simple: Dr. William Osborne, Jr. from Southeastern Primary Care Specialists.

A board certified Internist, and Co-Founder of Southeastern Primary Care Specialists, Dr. Osborne knew that he didn’t want to practice medicine by only treating the present, surface conditions of his patients. After graduating cum laude from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Dr. Osborne completed his Doctor of Medicine degree at Howard University in Washington D.C. These two cities helped instill the mindset of patient-centered, global health advancement in Dr. Osborne. He brought this ever-developing desire back to Atlanta, to complete his Residency at Emory Hospital. After accepting a Physician position from Southside Healthcare in Atlanta, Dr. Osborne soon became the Vice President of Health Services, then the Medical Director of Southside Healthcare. But perhaps the most providential circumstance for Dr. Osborne while at Southside Healthcare was that of meeting his kindred spirit, Dr. John Harsch.

Dr. Osborne and Dr. Harsch knew that they had an amazingly rare opportunity to begin their very own practice, not as a contrast to Southside Healthcare, but as a contrast to the manner in which Primary Care had been practiced for many years. And that spark ignited the flame that would grow to be Southeastern Primary Care Specialists. And since 1992, these two trailblazing physicians have administered their vision and commitment to serving the needs of patients and their families to provide exceptional healthcare with compassion and excellence. This kind of care is what would lead patients of Southeastern Primary Care Specialists to say, “We truly feel like we are treated as family by Dr. Osborne and his staff. They are caring and concerned.” These are indeed strong and compelling words. But perhaps no one other than Dr. Osborne can truly express the relentless burning inside him to permanently change the landscape of Primary Care in both domestic and international settings.

Dr. Osborne says, “There a strange awareness that after we do something, like practicing medicine, for a long time, that we come to realize we have missed something very fundamental in our medical training. For instance, we seem to have forgotten the innate healing powers our bodies possess. Learning how to harness this ability is what is truly helpful for our patients.” The possibilities of what the human body is capable of is exciting. Dr. William Osborne believes that these abilities, when uncompromised, can bring unparalleled healing, and completely maximize a person’s Lifestyle of Wellness. If you are looking for an average health care experience, there are plenty of doctor’s offices in Metro Atlanta. But you want a Primary Care experience that is classically modern, traditionally innovative, and completely focused on patient individuality, then make perhaps the most important phone call of your life. Call Southeastern Primary Care Specialists, and schedule a session with Dr. William Osborne. Come discover the difference at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists.