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Shearin Murphy-Higgs, M.D.

Dr. Shearin Murphy-Higgs, M.D.

Post: Doctor

Experience: Over 10 years experience

Qualification: Certified Internist

In the State of Georgia, you can find an internist to fix a problem. But you would hard-pressed to find an internist with as diverse of a background and approach as Dr. Shearin “Dez” Murphy-Higgs. Dr. Murphy-Higgs’ approach to medicine exists in the balance between evidence-based practice and compassionate patient care. As a board-certified internist, Dr. Murphy-Higgs brings notable expertise in cardio-vascular disease, critical care, diabetes, hypertension and geriatrics.

He has strong interests in progressive business strategies that seek to improve patient-care, and increase practice efficiencies.

After completing his undergraduate degree (Biology with Honors) from State University of Albany, New York, Dr. Murphy-Higgs received his medical degree from The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio). It was at Ohio State that Dr. Dez became familiar with the Buckeye Motto, “Disciplina in Civatatem.”

This quite literally means “Education for Citizenship.” This mantra effectively summarizes Dr. Murphy-Higgs’ approach to patient care. He doesn’t want to be remembered as the one who kept throwing cups of water on a forest fire, but rather, the one who got to the source of the fires, and figured out methods of forest fire prevention.

Dr. Murphy-Higgs completed his medical residency at Temple University Hospital (Philadelphia, PA), subsequently serving as Chief Resident in Internal Medicine (2002-2003). His experiences as Chief Resident, and as an Instructor of Internal Medicine at Temple University, were both big turning point in his medical practice. He learned the importance of patience inside the scope of his patient’s health. This encouraged a more well-rounded medical education and approach to his practice.

If you would like to see a clinic on bedside manner, then consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Murphy-Higgs. His primary goal, much like the resounding theme from the Southeastern Primary family, is that he doesn’t want any experience with his patients to be always focused on dealing with whatever sickness or illness they have stumbled across. But rather, he strives to keep the appointment focused on physical wellness, on improving quality of life, and on maintaining that high level of living.

Away from his medical practices, Dr. Murphy-Higgs enjoys mentally sophisticated activities. This includes playing chess, wine-tasting, listening to jazz and R&B, and following politics, and watching the Ohio State Buckeyes win another National Title. But nothing can replace the time he spends with his son Miles and his daughter Harper. A family man. A brilliant mind. A patient confidant. A life-changer. That is what Dr. Dez Murphy-Higgs’ brings to Southeastern Primary Care Specialists, and so much more. Come see the Southeastern Primary difference, today!