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Local Doctor Administers MET Testing

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Often classified in the exercise intolerance evaluation category, MET Testing is more likely to be prescribed by a Heart Specialist, instead of a local doctor. That is, unless your local doctor is one of the fine Primary Care Physicians from Southeastern Primary Care Specialists.

We go to great lengths to not only ensure the present heart and lung health of our patients, we utilize many testing methods that aid in detecting future problems. We can thereby help you master, as much as possible, the prevention of Heart and Lung problems. We can then help administer plans to expand the health and capabilities of your cardio-pulmonary system. Together, we can greatly improve your quality of life, and MET Testing can be a major part of that process.

MET stands for Metabolic Rate, or more specifically for use of the medical field, Metabolic Equivalent of Task. It can calculate the amount of oxygen that your body has to use to perform varying levels of necessary physical tasks.

MET Testing is a functional capacity test that can not only help you understand why physical tasks may have become increasingly more difficult for you, it may help save your life. A whole host of early detection activities may occur while performing one of the various forms of MET Testing.

So what does all that mean? It means your doctor can use MET Testing to differentiate the changes in your Metabolic Rate while you are working, opposed to while you are at rest. At Southeastern Primary, one of the methods we utilize to garner these results is a CPET test. We can also use a Pulmonary Function Test. A Stress Test can also be used to procure the Metabolic Equivalency results that you and your Primary Care Specialist would like to have.

While similar in their concept and results, the administration and function of these tests varies greatly. Consult with your primary care physician if you need MET Testing, or think you would benefit from any of the tests we use to gain accurate MET results. Knowledge is power. But more specifically, knowledge of how your body is working can give you and your doctor the power to take the right steps towards improving and maximizing your quality of life.