Larry Bergere, M.D.

Dr. Larry Bergere, M.D.

Post: Doctor

Experience: Over 10 years experience

Qualification: Certified Internist

If you are looking for a great Southeastern Internist, look no further than Dr. Larry Bergere, M.D. With one of the highest cumulative rating scores on the entire Piedmont rating system, Dr. Bergere is described by his patients as attentive, happy, and always ready for his patients. Many patients are soothed by his calm demeanor. Some professionals just seem to know exactly what their job is. Some are covering up for lack of confidence, or lack of education. Larry Bergere is definitely a professional who knows exactly what his job is, and performs it every day to the best of his ability.

Born in Huntington, NY, Dr. Bergere played competitive tennis from a very early age, eventually relocating to South Florida, where many rising tennis players are cultivated. His tennis career skyrocketed, and he ultimately rose to the status of a nationally-ranked, #1 collegiate tennis player at Tulane University. While completing his Biology degree at the New Orleans school, Dr. Bergere became acquainted with the motto of Tulane. The latin phrase “Non Sibi, Sed Suis” is translated as “Not for one’s self, but for one’s own.” This is exactly how Dr. Bergere operates.

The lessons that he learned as a competitive tennis player, and as a student at Tulane (originally the Medical College of Louisiana), were fortified by his experiences at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and at Emory University in Atlanta. Not only was Dr. Bergere able to complete his medical degrees and Residency, but his life was forever fortified when he met his wife Joyce. He later solidified his life course when he joined the team that is now Southeastern Primary Care Specialists. Focusing at the Fayetteville office, Dr. Bergere is ready, willing, and able to address any and all of your medical needs.

Billie Jean King was once quoted as saying, “Pressure is a privilege.” Dr. Bergere applies this same principle to his medical practice. If the situation heightens, you would never be able to tell by looking at Dr. Bergere. He has the innate ability to stay focused on critically analyzing a situation on the inside, while maintaining a calm, pleasant demeanor on the outside. As a long-time tennis pro, Dr. Bergere has been able to apply many of the overlying modes of conduct and competition to his patient care. But instead of competing with an opponent, like he would in a tennis match, Dr. Bergere is in competition with the illnesses, infirmities, and lifestyle choices that have led a patient to his examination room. Both he and his patient are in an ever-flowing, constantly changing doubles match verses the negative things that want so much to derail his patient’s good health. And in a scenario like that, it’s good to have an experienced, kind, medical professional on your side like Dr. Larry Bergere.