Specialist Referrals

Why Do I Need a Referral?

There are several reasons why someone might need a referral from their doctor. Most of those reasons revolve around your need to see a specialist, or your doctor’s desires to send you to a specialist, for more detailed, specified care in a certain area. Common referral destinations include podiatrists, cosmetic surgeons, oncologists, or any other specialty clinic. You might also need a referral if you are changing doctors. Or perhaps your method or place of medical insurance has changed, and you need a doctor referral. Whether you need a specialist referral, or any other type of referral, Southeastern Primary Care Specialists is here!

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We Can Help!

Should your insurance company require a Referral for an office visit to a sub specialist; or Pre-certification for outside testing is needed. Most referrals require an in office visit with your provider to evaluate your problem and determine the course of action needed. It can take up to 72 hours for us to get the return information from your insurance company, however, so please bear with us as we also wait to on the insurance company, then complete your requested referral.

Contact our Referral Department

You can contact our offices directly by phone: 770-716-7999