Stethescope and a laptop

Are you having breathing issues? What is the cause of this all-to-overlooked problem? Is it an unknown allergen? Does it happen inside your home as well as outside? Does it only happen during physical exertion? Does it get worse when you are sleeping? Are the breathing issues related to anxiety?

Regardless of the reasons behind your breathing issues, lung function is part of the equation, even if another factor is altering the amount or the quality of air you intake. However, in more serious cases, lung function can actually be the culprit of your limited breathing capabilities. Perhaps you could benefit from Spirometry Testing at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists.

Spirometry is a fairly standard practice in the upper echelon of Primary Care facilities, and Southeastern Primary Care Specialists is no different. Your primary care physician might recommend Spirometry testing to gauge exactly how well your lungs are working. Utilizing a spirometer, this breathing test will measure how much air you actually inhale, how much air you actually exhale, and how quickly you exhale that air under normal circumstances. It is one of the first tests used to diagnose chronic breathing conditions, like asthma or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). But it can also be used to tell if you have temporary breathing issues. Your doctor can use spirometry to diagnose what those causes might be.

The feeling of uncontrollable breathlessness (suffocating) is consistently one of the biggest statistical fears of modern Americans. But what if you felt like that all the time? Or worse, what if you gradually kept losing lung function without realizing how limited your breathing was becoming. Much unlike the feeling of suffocation, a Spirometry test is painless and non-intrusive.

Breathing issues can arrive swiftly, or they can slowly creep over you. In either case, what would happen if you had to run away from an attacker, or chase down an escaping criminal? You might feel like you could perform the necessary act, but in the aftermath, poor lung function could cause all sorts of terrifying problems. No one wants to live with that kind of fear! And you don’t have to endure it another day! Schedule a consultation with any of our pulmonary professionals at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists, and be one step closer to breathing free!