Sports Physicals

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Are you a high school aged, middle school aged, or college aged athlete in need of a sports physical? Your primary care physician at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists can help! Our sports physicals are typically administered under the umbrella of the annual physical process, though exceptions can always be made. If you are an athlete, or have been an athlete for a while, you are probably very accustomed to the getting annual sport physicals.

Many institutions, leagues, any other activity-related processes might require a doctor’s physical examination before you can legally participate in game action, or even join the team. These standard exams not only ensure your general safety, but the safety of the entire team in regards to everyone’s particular state of wellbeing. Failing a physical might keep an athlete out of a sport for a short while, but it might save them from a tragic accident that otherwise may not have been able to be predicted.

Most Sports Physicals include the following tests:

  • Physical Health Examination
  • Height and Weight
  • Range of Motion Testing
  • Hernia Check
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Rate
  • Vision Screening

More advanced sports physicals might include testing like urinalysis, or other specialized testing. Whatever your particular situation demands, your Primary Care Physician at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists can oblige that request. Simply bring your form with you when you have your physical examination appointment, and your doctor will be sure to conduct all the necessary tests to both ensure your hope for continued safety, and to fulfill the requirements of your particular organization.

As always, if you are required to have a physical examination for any other institution that is not sports related, the same principle applies. We have no problem meeting and exceeding any and all of your physical examination requirements. Contact us today, and let us help get you safely and legally back out on the field, on the court, on the green, in the pool, in your workplace, or in whatever arena you desire to be in. We look forward to meeting with you!

What to Expect from Your Sports Physical Exam

In order for athletes to participate in the sports they love, they need to be in top physical condition. Not only does this mean paying attention to diet, getting regular exercise, and taking care of injuries, it also means ensuring that they are healthy enough to compete. Sports physicals are a big part of that process, and if you hope to play any type of organized sports, you’ll need to schedule one every year.

If you’ve been an athlete for a long time, you’re probably already familiar with sports physicals but if it’s your first season, you might be a bit apprehensive. Southeastern Primary Care Specialists are here to tell you that there’s nothing to be nervous about! Here’s more about sports physicals and what you can expect when you schedule an appointment for a physical exam at one of our two locations in Fayetteville, GA and Stockbridge, GA.

Tests Performed for a Sports Physical

Many of the tests used in sports physicals are the same as those used in run-of-the-mill physicals and student physicals; in fact, we may be able to conduct both physicals at the same appointment. The results of these tests will allow your athletic sanctioning body to decide if you’re physically fit enough to safely participate. Sports physicals can also help you spot potentially serious health problems early enough to start treatment. Here are some of the most common tests performed in sports physicals, many of which are also used during student physicals:

  • Physical Health Examination – This will determine your overall level of fitness and identify any issues that could affect your ability to participate in sports.
  • Height and Weight – Some sports organizations may require this information to determine your weight class and it’s also a good metric for tracking the fitness level of athletes.
  • Range of Motion Testing – This test can let you know if you’ll be able to perform the motions required of your chosen sport and annual testing will help you track any range of motion issues developing over the course of your career.
  • Hernia Check – Playing or training with a hernia can be extremely dangerous, so this test will ensure you’ll be safe this season.
  • Blood Pressure/Pulse Rate – Playing sports puts tremendous stress on the cardiovascular system; these tests can help identify any problems before you get out on the field.
  • Vision Screening – Your eyes allow you to see the ball and avoid collisions with other players. If you can’t see well, corrective lenses will help keep everyone on the field safer.

Depending on the requirements of your sports organization or sanctioning body, you may also need to undergo urinalysis or other tests. No matter what kind of testing you need to pass your sports physical exam, we can provide it at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists! All you have to do is bring any forms with you to your appointment so we know what you need.

If you need to schedule annual sports physicals or any other type of physicals in the Atlanta area, get in touch with Southeastern Primary Care Specialists right away! Call (770) 716-7999 or send an email to info@myinternist.com to schedule an appointment at one of our 2 convenient locations. Whether you’re scheduling sports physicals at our Fayetteville location at Carnegie Place or you need student physicals at our Southcrest Drive location in Stockbridge, you’ll get the same level of excellent service from our physicians and staff.