Ultrasound tray in office

When a person thinks of Ultrasounds, or they hear that someone is getting an Ultrasound test performed, they typically envision a pregnant female. And while ultrasound technology has been utilized for years by medical professionals (and hopeful parents) to get a quality, non-invasive look at how the baby is growing and developing, Ultrasounds can be used for many different purposes in a Primary Care facility.

At Southeastern Primary Care Specialists, we use Ultrasound technology, or sonography, to procure various types of medical knowledge. For instance, Ultrasounds can be utilized for Diagnostics of the heart, kidneys, liver, ovaries, uterus, testicles, bladder, thyroid, blood vessels, gallbladder, eyes, pancreas, and spleen. Anytime that the sonar technology doesn’t have to go through bone or gaseous organs, an ultrasound can usually be utilized to tell doctors vital information about the internal workings of a patient. If a biopsy is needed underneath soft tissue, then an ultrasound could be used to “see” the area and avoid cutting the tissue above. Our physicians can also use ultrasounds to see soft tissue damage, below the surface. And obviously, we use Ultrasound technology for all the reasons you first envisioned, pregnancy and baby/mother health.

Non-invasive, needle-free, zero-radiation, time-sensitive, and highly-affordable, Ultrasound testing has revolutionized the medical community’s ability to see below the surface of the human body. This is one of that many kinds of classically modern technology we use at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists to keep our patients as happy, healthy, and knowledgeable about their bodies as they can possibly be. Contact us today if you would like more information on Ultrasound testing, or if your doctor has recommended a test for you. We can’t wait to see you!