Weight Loss

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Studies have shown that nearly 2/3 of Americans are medically overweight. Being medically overweight greatly increases the chances that a person will develop heart disease, cardiovascular quandaries, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. If you are overweight, incentives to get your weight down are better sleep, more energy, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, and decreasing the chances of contracting the aforementioned diseases.

Many Americans find weight loss to be a monumental task. They may have brief periods of success, only to find the weight slowly creeping back on. When someone struggles with drug addictions, they can, in theory, attempt to lock the drug they are addicted to in a figurative cage and keep it hidden. But when someone struggles with weight problems, and food is the source of the problem, they feel like they can lock their cravings in a cage, but they still have to take them out of the cage three times every day! This adds to the dilemma and frustration for those attempting weight loss. But don’t give up!

If you have ever struggled with weight management, there is hope! If you are willing to take the first step in weight loss management, our weight loss specialists will meet you halfway! Our registered Dietitian can meet you with, privately, to develop a nutrition and exercise program for you, custom-made to your specific, realistic goals.

Our desire at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists is to help you venture to new heights in your health and wellness, and to help you discover a new and healthier you! If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll be what you’ve always been. If the person you have been is slowly deteriorating your life-long health, then call our weight management professionals at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists. We are here for you!